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Verified MyGovID steps

Your verified MyGovID gives you safe, secure, online access to a range of Irish Government services, including the National Childcare Scheme. Here's how to do it:

You will need a Public Services Card (PSC) and a verified MyGovID account to avail of the full range of online Government services, including applying for the National Childcare Scheme. 

The steps below show you how to get a Public Services Card and verified MyGovID account. If you already have a Public Services Card but do not have a verified MyGovID account, you can go straight to step 3.

Step 1

To get a Public Services Card go to and create a basic MyGovID account.

Once you have created your basic MyGovID account, log in to to make an appointment to get your Public Services Card at your local Intreo Centre. You can pick a location and a date and time that suits you.

Step 2

During your Public Services Card appointment you will be asked to verify your mobile phone number. This will be useful when you are verifying your MyGovID account. Your Public Services Card will then be sent to you in the post.

Step 3

In order to create a verified MyGovID account, sign in to your basic MyGovID account and follow the steps on-screen.

To verify your MyGovID account, you will need the following:

a. Your Personal Public Service (PPS) number

b. Your Public Services Card

c. Your mobile phone

If your mobile phone number is already verified, a secure Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be sent to your phone as part of this process. Otherwise, you can have your PIN sent to you by post, or visit your local Intreo Centre to get your mobile phone number verified.

MyGovID - The safe and speedy way to access the National Childcare Scheme